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13 Basic Kitchen Safety Tips 2016

Nowadays kitchen is the main reason of involving fires compared with some other room at your house, so cooking may be the leading cause connected with fires to your house. 13 Basic Kitchen Safety Tips 2016 will help you to know what type of kitchen safety will need for you.

Same incidents can go for restaurant and industrial kitchen as well. So owners are being requested to use safety precautions in the kitchen In order to keep their employee safe.

13 Basic Kitchen Safety Tips 2016:

Now I am going to give some kitchen safety guidelines for house as well as commercial kitchen safety tips in below,

  • Handle knives with careful: knife is a very important and necessary appliance for each and every kitchen. Accidents from knives usually occur so you have to smart for using any knife. So learn the best way to use of a knife as well as treat them with respect. And it is the major rules of cooking safety.
  • Never cook wearing dangling jewels: It is very dangerous to cook wearing dangling jewelry, a bracelet or something like that can get tangled around pot handles.
  • Wipe up spills without delay: clean your spills immediately because wet floor causes many unwanted and unaccepted accidents, so keep your kitchen floor dry in order that no one slips and falls.
  • Keep kids and pets out: Children as well as pets do not belong in the kitchen. Unless the kids usually are helping you or learning the best way to cook, always keep them out of the kitchen. That’s how you can assure the safety rules in kitchen for kids.
  • Do not be Rush: Rushing around the kitchen may almost guarantee accidents. Unless you are a professional cooker, cut foodstuff slowly, as well as take your time to move hot pots and pans while going from station to station.

13 Basic Kitchen Safety Tips 2016


  • Get a fire extinguisher: It may be an extra advantage if you get a fire extinguisher, make sure you know how to use it because you will not get time to read instruction.
  • Wash your hand: you should wash your hands before cooking and also right after handling meat or even poultry. Because hands is a virtual freight train involving bacteria.
  • Put a childproof lock: Put a childproof lock not only on the cabinets in your medicines but also cleaning supplies and your oven as well. Childproof lock is very innovative kitchen safety tips for kid.
  • Be familiar with your limits: Lifting a hot pot of boiling food can be very dangerious. So if you have something to lift then use your knees and back, as wellas request for help in case of lifting something heavy.
  • Broken and electrical appliance: According to kitchen safety guidelines it is important to get rid of broken and damaged appliance. It may hurt anybody. Moreover keep electrical appliance away from water in order to avoid shocks. Be careful from electric sockets, especially when your hands are wet.
  • Never let roam children in the kitchen: It is the most important safety rules in kitchen. Never let your child roaming in the kitchen alone. You should observe all the time when you are in the kitchen. Ovens, knives, hot liquids, hot pots and electric appliances all are equally dangerous.
  • Home safety tips: Never fill out water to the pan that has oil within it. This could make the oil spatter and burn someone. Throw baking soda as well as flour at a grease fire.
  • Safety rules in kitchen: Do not leave the kitchen within pots and pans cooking to the stove. Remember to turn off the burners as soon as you are done with your cooking.

Finishing Line

Cooking can be fun, but kitchen safety is a priority. Think about knives, fire and bacteria; observing basic rules associated with kitchen protection can be a good habit to develop.

Always pay attention to what you are doing at the kitchen since the solitary slip can cause serious injury or even accidents.

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