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Best All American Pressure Cooker

This heavy All American pressure cooker big capacity is the best utilized for canning. The best pressure cooker is normally suggested when canning vegetables and fruits. As the high heat can be generated to kill more bacteria than a regular hot water bath.

American pressure cooker is actually made from cast aluminum with strong screws to seal the lid to the pot. This best pressure cooker needs no rubber or plastic gaskets or rings. Its 21-1/2 quart capacity keeps 19-pint jars or 7-quart jars. There is a three setting pressure regulator valve is included. It is not too big or too small in size.

Users will have cooking canning rack and instructions with this cooker. Pressure Cooker buying guide will help to the new user of the pressure cooker.

This best pressure cooker is extremely pricey than other cookers in the market. It will cost almost below $250  in the market. This is made by Wisconsin and this is totally an American classic!

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Best All American Pressure Cooker:

I use the largest burner. I’ve heard from others that sometimes the heat temp is hard to maintain. But I don’t have that problem. Here’s what I do: I turn my electric burner on HIGH to get it going. After I vent the valve for 10 minutes and put the weighted gauge on I wait for it to come to 10lbs pressure.

After the gauge reads 10lbs of pressure I turn my burner down to #5 (which is like MEDIUM). Each and every time I’ve done it this way the pressure remained the same. Sometimes I would have to turn it up to 5 1/2, as 6 was too much heat.


American Pressure Cooker

  • Cooker’s has big capacity.
  • This pressure cooker has not any rubber or plastic or rings.
  • This pressure cooker is made in USA.
  • Made by Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry.
  • Heavy Cast Aluminum Pressure Cooker.


  • Its body is made of the finest aluminum.
  • It’s pressure regulator weight with settings of 5 psi, 10 psi, 15 psi.
  • Its maintenance and cleaning are very easy.
  • It has double thickness edges for additional protection.
  • It has automatic overpressure released system.
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  • This cooker is too much strong and durable to use. It is very easy to use because of its manufacturer process. You can cook so many delicious foods in this cooker.
  • Its materials are very high quality and well constructed. This best pressure cooker is manufactured in a good hand by Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry.
  • Manuals and recipes are very useful. The perfection of recipes is quite trustworthy to the consumer.


  • There is moral – best things carry the best price. It means this pressure cooker is a little bit high in price. It is not affordable for all in comparisons.
  • It is extremely heavier than other cookers because of it is made of heavy cast aluminum.
  • It is not so useful for house canning.


Once at the weight, it is anything but difficult to keep up the required weight without having to always vent off overabundance weight. The proprietor’s manual prescribes one to four shakes for every moment. This All American Pressure Cooker takes more time for this canner. It is chill off than others because of the thick dividers.

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I have figured this to my handling time. This best pressure cooker will keep up its weight for verging on an additional 10 minutes with the burner off. This canner is intended to fit 7 quart shakes superbly. On the off chance that you’re searching for a canner, this is it.

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