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Brief history of coffee

Coffee is very popular in United states of America. USA people love to drink coffee. Captain John Smith who was founder of the Colony of Virginia, is the first to bring to North America a knowledge of coffee in 1607.  He became familiar with coffee in his travels in Turkey. Now, I will describe about brief history of coffee.

Brief history of coffee:

In the period of Dutch occupancy (1624-64), the New York was New Amsterdam, it is possible that coffee might are import from Holland. It is approximated  that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day worldwide. New Yorkers are said to drink 7 times the amount of any other U.S. city.  The soil and the business of USA is more suitable for coffee.

Fruits of coffee are the main component of coffee and we drink it.

Seeds of coffee; by crushing this seeds coffee is made

At the beginning know the surprising information about coffee

  1. Coffee is the second most-traded physical commodity in the world, ranking second only to petroleum!!!
  2. The citizen of USA drinks 110 billion cups of coffee each year!!!
  3. Coffee is produced two-third of the world in south and middle America. But it was invented in east Africa….

Now the naming of coffee:

In 1598 coffee word is taken in English language from Dutch word koffie. This Dutch word came from Turkish word kahve, this Turkish word gives same pronunciation of Arabic word qahwa. The wondering history lies in this words transformation.

Let`s know the coffee tree:

Usually coffee tree is 20-30 feet in height. The size of bright green leaf is oval shape, its flower is white in color and has charming fragrance. Fruits of coffee are light green at beginning stage, then it becomes red and at the last stage it becomes deep crimson color (See the coffee bean below). There are two beans together in fruits. There are many types of coffee in the world but the coffee of Ethiopia in east Africa is best for its taste and fragrance.

Brief history of coffee

Today the modern civilization cannot go without coffee and this was unknown before 19th century. The uses of coffee is being recognized after 850 BD. Interesting fact is that in spite of having coffee tree before 19th century people could not think about drinking coffee by crushing ripe fruits of coffee with hot water!

Coffee bean  (ripe seeds) are left in sunny place for 15 days. Then it is being crushed after burning. Besides there is a one more way for making coffee and that is fermentation of seeds after washing it by water. Then It is being crushed after burning.

How did people discover the coffee fruit at first?

It is an event of 19th century. There was a cowboy in Ethiopia named Kaldi. He went to field with his goats for roaming. The goats were extremely happy eating the red fruits (later the name was kofia Arabica) in green bush. The curious Kaldi then chewed the fruits. He became astonished. There was an Islamic Sufi cottage near. Kaldi took that fruits in that cottage. Hearing everything Sufi got annoyed…he threw the fruits into fire. Fragrance spread smoke. Then the burning seeds were mixed with hot water after crushing..and this turned to the world`s “first cup of coffee.”

Map of Ethiopia. The scientists are giving credit to one kind of cat named Sivet for bringing coffee within touch of human civilization. Because This cat carried seeds from middle Africa to Ethiopia hills…where Kaldi lived.

There is an another saying that a Sufi became curious seeing a bright bird in Ethiopia eating a fruit and he also ate that fruit and thus he could understand the effectiveness of that fruit. Thus people could realize the importance of coffee seeds.

Arabian girls are crushing coffee:

In 850 BD the Arabian businessmen took coffee seeds from Ethiopia to Arabia. It is heard that they did not want to export coffee seeds to foreign countries. Anyway from them coffee has been spread all around the world. In 1475 BD the world`s first coffee shop was established at the capital of turkey.

Brief history of coffee

Some Arabian coffee lovers are sitting at the coffee shop of Arab. Luckily their forefather has brought coffee seeds in Arab from Ethiopia!

In 1616 BD Dutch people brought coffee to Holland.

Indonesia, the cultivation of coffee began there.

Coffee house of Europe. Coffee business was introduced by the businessmen of Venice people of England in 1615 BD. The first coffee shop of Europe was established in 1623 BD at Venice.

It is heard that using coffee in America was first introduced in 1668. But the cultivation of coffee in Latin America began in 1720 BD. The British, French and Dutch introduced the using coffee among Latin American people. Now North America is the biggest consumer of coffee in the world.

The history of this fruit is very surprising.

Coffee is not just a warm, sweet drinks but it is an art for presentation before guest in west as well as east. Only coffee lover can realize what magic has in this coffee…

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