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BUNN BT Home coffee maker reviews 2016

Bunn is the best coffee maker which makes 10 cups coffee within 3 minutes. It has been popular among the coffee lovers. It is very simple to use and effective. It`s carafe style is wonderful. It has been giving service from 40 years in the restaurant industry. It is probably the best grind and brew coffee maker available in the market. You will find the best one in this BUNN BT Home coffee maker reviews 2016.

BUNN BT Home coffee maker reviews 2016

I got this coffee maker last month for my wife. She loves to drink coffee 6 or 7 times a day. She was very happy when she got this grind and brew coffee maker. She told me that It was the perfect addition to her kitchen. However the grind and brew coffee maker has the separate grinding assembly along with filter chamber to help make beans effortless to fill as well as obtain grounds straightforward to remove.

It keeps water hot for a long time and water can be used for making tea or other uses as well. Internal hot water tank must be filled with water before  first use. This coffee maker brews a full pot of coffee in about 3 minutes. Optimal brewing temperature approximately 200 degree F. Do not plug in brewer until  you have completely finish the initial set up process. Now wait 15 minutes for water in the internal hot water tank to heat.

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BUNN BT Home coffee maker reviews 2016:

The element of this coffee maker is very worth full which makes it best in the market. I am going to add some element description for your better understanding.

Highlighted Features:

BUNN BT Home coffee maker reviews 2016

  • It consists of double wall, vacuum protected thermal carafe.
  • It has a Unique spray head.
  • It has a Reservoir style home brewer.
  • It has stainless steel water tank with 800 watt heater and internal thermostat.
  • Producer doesn’t comprise warmer plate but for that I didn’t face any problem at all.
  • The manufacturing process are followed from North American Electrical Standards.
  • Origin comes from China.
  • The shipping weight of this product is 9.8 pounds.
  • And manufacturer gives you a warranty limits of 3 years.


Some advantages of BUNN BT Home coffee maker:

  • 10 cups in 3 minutes that is really very fast.
  • Coffee taste is awesome. Coffee does not get bitter or taste of coffee does not change after a long time.
  • Service life more than 4 years with 3 years warranty.
  • It ensures high quality to survive in competitive market.
  • Stainless steel vacuum keeps coffee warm for 2 hours without electricity.
  • Product features are attractive, simple and modern that suits to all.
  • Lacks bells and whistles which is annoying.
  • In spite of heavy use, it maintains longevity and reliability.
  • No need to open or close the lid.
  • The Bunn coffee filters are inexpensive.
  • Awesome customer service, replace new one without cost.
  • Steam does not come and you can plug in the plughole as long as you wish.
  • Cleaning devices are been provided with.
  • It is a time saving and convenience machine and hot water is also available for other uses.
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Some disadvantages of BUNN Home coffee maker:

  • It is not a choice for everybody. It is suited to them who take coffee many times in a day.
  • It is lack of cup measurement for a large family.
  • Sometimes it leaks water when product is being used.
  • It is little bit difficult to clean every component but others also have this difficulty.
  • Every machine has some noise this one is not different from others so during heating water it becomes a little bit noisy.
  • It is expensive than any other coffee maker in market. So everyone cannot afford it.
  • From customers review I found that, some customers complained that it spreads rubber smell even after 2 months but mine is quite good yet.
  • The hole process to make coffee this machine needs a lot of electricity.
  • It is bit taller than any other. So it needs space.


Feedback of customers is quite good about this coffee maker. Customers are satisfied with it because of the wonderful flavour of coffee and customer service and it sends a free additional piece to allow for the perfect cup of coffee.

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On the other hand there is no bottom warmer so you don’t have to worry about sudden leaving it when you are away from home. After using many coffee makers, customers are being satisfied with it and they really enjoy it. It has been updated day by day and become modern. People , who remain busy all time and love to have coffee, it is the best coffee maker which gives them relief.

Nowadays it has become very popular almost every country. The coffee pot works fine and brews very fast. It is maintaining  it`s  standard to hold reputation high. So i will suggest to purchase it and to enjoy coffee making and drinking. I hope BUNN BT Home coffee maker reviews 2016 will help you to make delicious coffee.

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